Kinect-like motion gestures might appear on the next Windows Phone

Rumours claim Microsoft’s planning its next big move for the upcoming Lumia smartphone

Nokia’s recently released its decently rated Lumia 1520 and Lumia 930, but it’s not getting complacent with its ranking or giving up in the smartphone game, especially with vendors spewing out mobile devices like there’s no tomorrow.

Reports have indicated that Microsoft is crafting its future Windows Phone – and it’s one with clever controls unlike any other smart device currently in the market.

Both WPCentral and The Verge’s sources have mentioned the upcoming Nokia Lumia will house Microsoft’s hardware and include some functionality that’s all too familiar to us. If you guessed Kinect, you’re on the right page.

Apparently, it'll possess a huge camera (we imagine it to look like Kinect’s “eye”) and contain “3D Touch” that requires you to use gestures similar to that of Kinect to use the smartphone without having to prod the screen. You got to wonder why it's called 3D Touch when you're not even touching the unit.

What else do the leaks claim?

The leaks also indicate that the hardware will be nicknamed McLaren, obviously not to be confused with the car, and concepts floating around suggest you’ll be able to bring the phone to ear to answer it or cover to mute it instead.  

One of the more complex gestures might require you to make a tapping action (without touching the glass) to see features hidden inside the Live Tile feature – such as the Facebook messenger app.

According to WPCentral, McLaren will launch sometime in November, in conjunction with a few third-party apps that use 3D Touch. If the rumours are accurate, it won’t be long before these Lumias get rolled out worldwide. 

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[Source:Engadget image: WPCentral]

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