Microsoft dips Surface Pro 2 prices in preparation for Surface Pro 3

Prices surge between US$100 and US$200 off the second-gen Surface Pro 2

With the local availability of Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 nearing, the tech conglomerate has slashed the price of the Surface Pro 2, a move that's obviously an intention to clear the existing stock of its second-gen Windows 8 tablet.

Currently only available in the US and some European countries, the price trim fluctuates between US$100 and US$200 depending on the model. The 64GB, Core i5-based Surface Pro 2 is now priced at US$799 instead of US$899, while its higher-end 512GB unit is US$1599, from US$1799.

When Microsoft was introducing its Surface Pro 3 at a media launch in New York City, its Surface chief, Panos Panay, claimed that with the introduction of the third-gen tablet, the company is anticipating the production halt and eventual phase out of its Surface Pro 2 device roll-out.

But, he added that the plans do not include the ARM-based Surface 2 devices.

But the Surface Pro 3 pre-orders have commenced...

In Singapore, pre-orders for the Surface Pro 3 started late last month for two different configurations. The base configuration, which comprises 64GB of storage and Intel i3 processor costs S$1108, and the premium unit with 512GB of storage and an Intel i7 processor is priced at S$2698.  According to Microsoft Singapore, the stocks will be shipped by the end of August.

Think the new Surface Pro 3 is way out of your budget? Sorry folks, you won't have the choice to buy the cheaper Surface Pro 2 since it never came to Singapore.

But if you want a Microsoft tablet but feel the Surface Pro 3 doesn’t quite sit with your budget, and don’t mind a lower spec-ed, slightly outdated but more importantly more affordable Surface 2 running on Windows RT, the tablet starts from S$618.

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