Deal of the week: get a 14-month subscription to Parallels Access for S$25.90

It’s more than 50% off its usual US$50 price, and the offer's only available in retail stores

Hold on, did you just say Parallels Access usually costs US$50?

That’s only if you purchase it online. But Parallels, for the first time, is selling Parallels Access at brick and mortar retail stores. If you make a trip down to Challenger, Harvey Norman, Epicentre or Nubox stores, you can purchase it for, wait for it…. S$25.90. True story.

Come on, that’s beyond a 50% discount, there must be a catch

No, really. Well, the only catch is, it’s a subscription model. The good news is, you get to use it for 14 months, and it’ll remind you to renew the subscription. Yes, no auto-renewal, so you won’t get a bill shock when the subscription has expired. Plus, you can buy another box set at the ridiculously affordable price and redeem the code for your Parallels account.

Wait, in our excitement, I forgot to ask, what is Parallels Access?

It’s an app that lets you remotely access up to 10 desktops or laptops using either Windows 8.1 and Mac OS X Mavericks. But unlike other remote desktop, Parallels Access knows what are your most often used apps on the desktop, and presents a tablet-like user interface instead of an exact mirror of a desktop.

Why would I want to use a tablet-optimised interface of my desktop?

Come on, you’re not going to squint and try to tap on tiny icons on a 9.7in iPad, right? The whole point of a tablet-optimised user interface is to create an easier and more intuitive user experience. But hey, if you’d rather use a desktop interface on that small screen, there’s a desktop mode.

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Hold on, what about Android tablets? Or even smartphones?

Yeah, you caught us, this is the real caveat. Parallels Access is only available for Apple iPad, and it requires iOS 7. Technically, you can use it on an iPad 2, but we figure the slower hardware is going to kill the experience.

I sense another but…

Fine, here’s the final one. You’ll need an Internet connection for both the source desktop / laptop and the iPad. And a good one too. We saw a demo with a pretty bad connection, and it kind of flopped.

That’s all? Did you forget to mention anything?

Nope, that’s all. This is as real as it gets. Pay S$25.90, and you get to use Parallels Access for 14 months.

Are you going to get one?

Oh. Look what we have in our hands. Be right back, we’re going to install this on our iPad right now.

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