Local App of the Year 2013 shortlist: vote now to win big

You have the power to decide who wins best local app in this digital democracy

Local app developers, you now have a chance to be recognised for your valiant efforts at spicing up the local appmosphere.

Aside from the ever popular homegrown food apps HungryGoWhere and Burpple, we’ve also got local gaming gems like Pixel People and Monster Blade. And if you’re looking for practical apps, we’ve got Chope and Perx to make your life that much more productive.

Have your say in who deserves the recognition for an app well made, as well as across our nine other categories. At the same time, you stand a chance to be rewarded for your rewarding, so get voting.


iOS | Android

This innovative voice-sharing app is for those who love the sound of their own voices..and other people’s. We love its colourful interface and the hilarious effects you can add to your recordings. Ever dreamt of being a comedian? Bubbly has the canned laughter and ba-dum-tss to prep you for the limelight.

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iOS | Android

Otherwise known as the Instagram for food lovers, we’re glad there are no selfies on this platform. We love its riot of food photos, foolproof usability and delicious recommendations. We are Singaporeans, we love our food and we salute Burpple for celebrating that passion unabashedly.

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iOS | Android

If you’re hankering after a good meal, Chope is the app to make that happen for you. Search for the food you’re in the mood for via type or distance, and even discover new places to pig out at. Booking is as easy as tapping a button and entering the number in your party as well as date and time. Menus are also available in-app for your perusal.

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iOS | Android

The mother of all food apps is the quintessential local food guide. It will give you the lowdown on every eatery in Singapore via user reviews, notify you of new places worth the calories and point you in the direction of nearby eateries when you’re hungry. We reckon there’s no Singaporean who has never used this amazingly useful app before.

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Monster Blade

iOS | Android

This monster-slashing game is similar to the ever popular Infinity Blade but better because it is local. The rise of the Godbeasts is destroying your lands and you play the hero who has the power to restore peace again. The battles are glorious, the gameplay engaging and you get to kit out your character with over 400 types of weapons and armour.

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iOS | Android

Shopping doesn’t have to be a one way street of loss. Get rewarded with Perx, a convenient mobile loyalty card that is less easily misplaced than those flimsy paper types. With over a hundred vendors ranging from food to fashion, you will feel a little less guilty about spending your money.

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Pixel People


Always wanted to rule your own pixelated city? You can now with Pixel People. In the world of Utopia, match new citizens to their respective places in society and splice their genes to make new ones. Interesting characters, distinct art and witty liners are what keeps players coming back for more.

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Puzzle Trooper

iOS | Android

This is what you get when you mix battles with puzzles. Form your own motley crew and string balls of the same colour in a puzzle to get the similarly coloured character to rain damage down upon your targets. With a ton of missions and different quirky characters to collect and grow, this game is a definite winner in our books.

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