Libratone Zipp review

5 stars
Tired of tripping over snaking cables? Try this attention-seeking AirPlay boomer on for size

It’s furry! It’s cylindrical! It’s available in a variety of bright colours! Yep, it’s clear from the off that the Libratone Zipp is a bit of an attention-seeker. That shape isn’t simple affectation, though. Instead it’s designed to deliver 360-degree sound – or ‘FullRoom’, as Libratone calls it – and that means it should be happy anywhere in your gaff. 

battery and PlayDirect  

In fact the Zipp will be pretty comfortable anywhere at all, really, because it also has a battery, allowing you to ditch the power cord. Now those are real wireless skills. 

A built-in battery lasts for four hours and ‘PlayDirect’ allows you to hook up your phone to the Zipp without needing a Wi-Fi network, making it one of our favourites for parties in the park and festivals. 

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Once you’ve shared your Wi-Fi settings by making a one-time wired connection between your iOS device and the Zipp, you’re all set. Libratone’s app is simple and easy to use too.


Libratone has got the sound bang on. It really does spread the tunes right around the room, delivering detailed vocals and fun, punchy beats. You can use the Libratone app to fiddle with the EQ but we'd advise leaving this alone; it sounds just right as it is. 

Review by Tom Parsons


Libratone Zipp

As fun to listen to as it is to look at, the portable Zipp is an AirPlay pleasure 

Libratone Zipp review
5 stars
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