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01 June 2015 / 14:15BST

LG G4 review

The leather-clad challenger for phone of the year
22 May 2015 / 14:46BST

LG G Watch R review

There's a new circular smartwatch on the block - but is the G Watch R the shape of things to...
06 March 2015 / 14:37GMT

LG Spirit hands-on review

LG's mid-range mobiles just got a very important set of upgrades. Check 'em out


20 February 2015 / 17:30GMT

LG G Flex 2 review

Second time around the curved phone makes a lot more sense
LG G Pad 10.1 review
08 September 2014 / 8:00BST

LG G Pad 10.1 review

10.1in of LG Android tablet for around S$400? What's the catch?
LG G3 review
14 June 2014 / 1:44BST

LG G3 review

How do you follow the 2013 Smartphone of the Year? By keeping everything that made it so special and adding...
LG G Pro 2 review
29 January 2014 / 2:41GMT

LG G Pro 2 preview

The march of the phablets shows no signs of abating, and being an embiggened G2 makes the G Pro 2...
LG 55EA9800 Curved OLED TV
02 January 2014 / 5:39GMT

LG 55EA9800 Curved OLED TV review

New-fangled TV, or revolutionary display? LG bucks the trend with its first curved OLED TV, and all eyes are on...