Purported LG G smartwatch to come with long battery life and massive storage

If you believe leaks, you can expect up to 36 hours of battery life and 4GB of storage

You know LG’s got an alleged smartwatch, the LG G Watch, being brewed in its factories. But what you don’t know is that new spec information has been released.

One of the first smart watches to run on the Google Android Wear platform introduced by Google in March, the G Watch is reportedly strong with the Force, we mean, battery life and has significant storage space, according to leaks by Chinese leaker @upleaks.

The Twitter account disclosed vital information, including the rumour that the smartwatch could possibly have 4GB of storage – meaning plenty of space for all those photo snaps, songs, games, and apps on the watch itself – and that it would last at least 36 hours on a single charge. 

@upleaks also divulged more details, including the exact info about the 400mAh battery that will charge in two hours and 512MB of RAM. 

Is there any truth to it?

The alleged spec sheet uncovered also takes us a step closer towards confirming some details that were previously assumed, such as its usage of Bluetooth 4.0 to match up to your smartphone, as well as a speech recognition feature that lets you articulate simple commands to it.

Speculative news of the LG wearable made their rounds for a while now, but LG has yet to confirm any of these conjectures. We’re hoping it will make a debut at Google’s annual I/O conference, which runs between 25 and 26 June.

Rumours even suggest the G Watch will be handed out to developers at the event, but we’re not sure how deep these tittle-tattles run.

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[Source:9to5Google, image:@upleaks]


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