LG's new G-Flex smartphone curves, but does it bend?

New pictures show sleek curves though no hint as yet as to whether looks are all this has going for it

Just last month we told you LG's curved take on the smartphone was launching by November. Engadget's got a couple of new renders of the device, the LG G-Flex, but apart from its curves, there's no hint that the LG phone will live up to its name and be a bit more bendy than phones we're used to.

The ultimate butt-dialer?

What is confirmed, though, is that the G-Flex will have a 6-inch display (according to Engadget's sources). Besides aping the curve of Nokia's classic bananaphone, we're a little stumped as to what the selling point of the new model will be. A phone you can sit on and not worry it'll break under the force of your behind? Stay tuned.

[Source: Engadget]

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