LG EC9800: 4K + OLED + webOS + 4K Netflix might well equal the ultimate TV

LG is the first to combine 4K and OLED technologies in one screen, and it bags Netflix 4K streaming [updated with webOS video]

We love 4K and we love OLED, but we'd be loathe to choose one over the other.

Thankfully, LG has squished that particular predicament by announcing no less than three new TVs that combine both.

Big and curvy

The smallest of the new models is 55in, but in the fictional world in which we have massive houses and even bigger salaries it's the 77in 77EC9800 that we'd get.

LG 77EC9800 4K Curved OLED

All three have curved screens, which LG still claims is for the purposes of immersing you in the picture but we're still fairly unconvinced about, even if they do look darn pretty.

These 4K OLEDs also obviously pack in every other technical bell and whistle in LG's roster, including apparently infinite contrast ratios, a Colour Refiner, and upscaling of standard-def and bog-standard HD to near-4K quality. They also all get the new and rather lovely looking webOS-powered smart TV platform, which we're hoping to go hands-on with very shortly.

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Netflix going 4K crazy

Of course it's native 4K you really want to be watching, which is why Netflix President Reed Hastings stormed the LG stage at CES, to declare that LG would be the first manufacturer to integrate Netflix 4K streaming into its TVs, and to confirm that season 2 of House of Cards will be available to stream in 4K this year

That's a big win for LG. Combined with what looks to be the most compelling smart TV platform yet, it's making the company's 2014 TV lineup look pretty formidable.

There will be plenty more 4K news at CES over the coming days, so stay tuned to Stuff - and check out the other big CES 2014 news right here.

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