LG innovates: 5 life-improving gadgets you'll wish you own

From heart rate-tracking earphones to air-conditioners to keep mosquitoes away, these creative gadgets put the “Inno” in LG InnoFest 2014

LG unloaded a whole slew of products you can expect in the coming days, and we waded through the entire showfloor to bring you the ones you should truly be psyched about. 

Lifeband Touch

LG’s first wearable is a water-resistant activity tracker that’ll keep you up to date with your social life, even providing music control as you go on a run and monitor your activity rate. Swipe through notifications on its OLED screen and stay connected to phone calls coming in, you social butterfly, you. Available in three sizes with a fourth (S) coming soon, you’ll find your perfect fit.

5 interesting LG innovations to keep an eye out for

Mind-blowing feature: The display comes on with a flick of the wrist, saving you the hassle of having to activate it with a push of the button. Some people are just that lazy.

Innovative air-conditioners

Ok, make that two air-conditioners you should be excited about. The first responds to voice commands (if it recognises your accent) so you can adjust temperature, air volume, and power nestled in the comfort of your bed. The other is a mosquito-killing machine that operates via ultrasonic wave technology to stun those annoying insects into eternal slumber.

Bad news is, the voice-command unit is available only in Thailand, while the mozzie killer is heading to Bangladesh. Will it come to our part of the world? Wish hard enough and it just might, according to the LG rep. 

Mind-blowing feature: Mosquito-incapacitating ultrasonic wave technology, duh.

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105-in Curved UHD TV

LG innovates: 5 life-improving gadgets you'll wish you own - 105-in Curved UHD TV 2LG innovates: 5 life-improving gadgets you'll wish you own - 105-in Curved UHD TV 3LG innovates: 5 life-improving gadgets you'll wish you own - 105-in Curved UHD TV 4

Why choose one killer feature when you can cram both curves and detail-unforgiving 5K (5120 x 2160) resolution into one gigantic 105-in slab of display? Showcased at CES this year, this monster is what all baby tellys want to be when they grow up.

Mind-blowing feature: The smart telly's operating system should be familiar to you - it's Palm's intuitive webOS that sent everyone into a frenzy years ago. The sleek simple interface lets you click left for your viewing history and right for apps to line up in your watch. Hover the cursor over any app and you get a nice fat preview of what it offers too. Also, the Bean Bird that helps with the usually mundane setup process is pretty cute.

Hom-Bot Square

LG innovates: 5 life-improving gadgets you'll wish you own - Hom-Bot Square 2LG innovates: 5 life-improving gadgets you'll wish you own - Hom-Bot Square 3

No more frustrating game of real-life Tetris when you angle your vacuum cleaner into those awkward corners. With different cleaning modes and a timer function, the Hom-Bot gets to work more punctually than any salaried worker, giving you a clean home to return to. It even has a Turbo mode to suck up the most clingy of dust balls.

Mind-blowing feature: It cleans your home by itself, enough said. And its amazingly accurate - LG put a burning candle in front of the Hom-Bot, and it refused to move forward even when it was manually commanded to do so. But we still wouldn’t recommend leaving lit candles around your home when this is on the move.

Heart Rate Earphones

If a wristband isn’t quite your thing, how about a pair of earphones instead? This jack- of-all-trades measures body statistics like metabolic and maximum oxygen consumption rates, on top of the fitness usuals like distance, calories, and steps taken. It works via Bluetooth to operate side by side with the Lifeband Touch as well, bringing you the information instantly. Of course, it also streams your music in high fidelity and packs a built-in mic for calls on-the-move.

Mind-blowing feature: The Performtek sensor in each earbud is what brings you your bodily data to fine tune your workout. Now, this is truly close to any athlete’s heart.

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