Apple states the obvious, admits the iPhone isn't perfect in leaked documents

Internal documents show a not so rosy future for Apple's iDevice empire, with iPhone sales plummeting and bigger screens in works

Apple's founder Steve Jobs had in the past been quick to disparage competing phones, making out the iPhone as an antidote to the poor choices out there.

In a marked contrast, Apple insiders seem to be worried about matching the competition and are now playing a game of catch-up, if some recently-leaked documents are to be believed.

A change of plan

Is Apple truly worried about not being able to keep iPhone sales up? Are cheaper, bigger phones on the way? But since when did Apple ever want to be another Samsung?

Seeing that Apple did release a slightly (but not by much) cheaper iPhone, it would be interesting to see if Apple tries to further lower the prices of its phones.

The most damning statement has to be this one: "Consumers want what we don't have."

It's disturbing if Apple is going with a different tack and try the mass-market, cheap route when it has made its profits by charging a premium sum for its iDevices and made a reputation of not going against the grain of traditional 'market research'.

Or perhaps by making its products cheaper and putting more work in the App Store instead, Apple might be moving away from relying on hardware profits. We'll have to see.


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