Kill it. Kill it with fire, and then burn the ashes again

This does not need to exist. At all.

There are some things in this world that should have never come to be, and yet, stubbornly, they exist. Rain in July. Cats without tails. Low-fat cake. And now this, the You-Bumi book cover.

Well, we say cover, but it's more of a bubble with two indented thumb slots designed to let you awkwardly turn the pages of any book unfortunate enough to find itself entombed within.

If books were sentient, we couldn't imagine subjecting them to a higher level of degradation than this.

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Its purpose, of course, is to protect your book from getting wet, but we can't imagine a scenario in which this level of protection will ever be required, short of reading beneath a raging waterfall or submerging yourself entirely underwater.

If you find yourselves reading in those two specific situations on a weekly basis however, then it can be yours for a mere US$81 (S$101).

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[Japan Trend Shop via Gizmodo]

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