Kapture wristband lets you save the last 60 seconds of audio

Not even MI6 agents get to choose spywear this funky

Meet the Kapture - the latest in an ever-growing line of wrist-wrapping tech designed to inject your daily life with gadgety goodness in an instant.

But unlike the Samsung Galaxy Gear, it's no smartwatch.

Instead, the Kapture is an always-on, always-listening Bluetooth audio device that's contantly listening and buffering the last 60 seconds of audio.

When you want to capture a memorable sound/conversation, simply tap its microphone grille and the last 60 seconds of recorded audio will automatically beam to your smartphone, where it's saved for later playback, editing and sharing.

It can store 25 recordings on to local memory if you're not connected to your smartphone, and it's available in six juicy-looking colours.

The Kapture is available to pre-order now for US$100 in either a wristband or Klip device form, so head on over to Kapture Audio to start off your amateur spying journey.



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