This isn't your dad's Monopoly: 5 boardgames to tickle your geeky fancies


Originally on Kickstarter, this game is the closest thing you’ll get to Sim City as a boardgame. Ridiculously simple to learn, you basically compete with other players to have the most population by the end of the game. It is not all that easy, though, as you will be competing with other players for resources and have to contend with keeping your reputation and income coming in.

You start out with a few buildings and each turn there will be an ‘auction’ of sorts where properties will be put up on sale. As the turns move on, the properties get their price lowered and it will often become quite competitive as you can only grab a property on your turn.

In-game, your progress is marked on a special board peppered with ‘red lines’: each time you increase your population, you might hit a red line and each time you hit one, your reputation and income go down a notch. So city planning in Suburbia, as in real-life, will see your reputation and earnings go down very quickly if you expand too fast.

Some complain there is not much interaction between players as it is more about grabbing the best tiles before your fellow players do, but its simplicity makes this game one that is easy to bust out at parties or at family gatherings. Family-friendly, simple to learn and teach and fast-paced, there is more to recommend Suburbia than not. Get it if you love city building games or just get it for a town planner you know.


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