This isn't your dad's Monopoly: 5 boardgames to tickle your geeky fancies

Game of Thrones

If you’re a big fan of George R.R Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series, then you will find this game a treat. Play as one of the Westeros clans and fight, negotiate and backstab your way to the Iron Throne.

Be warned, though, that being a pacifist in this game is strictly not a good idea. You don't just go about moving pieces around the board but you will need a fair amount of strategising while having to take the occasional risk to achieve your agenda.

The game sees you trying to claim as much territory as you can as by the end of turn 10 and the winner will be the one who controls the most cities and strongholds.

It's a five-player game, but works well with three or four though the rules will be slightly modified with fewer players.

One of the ‘fun’ aspects of the game is being able to negotiate directly with other players over territories and form alliances. But as there can only be one winner, truces and treaties are fragile and by the end, it will still be every man (or woman) for himself!

It's more a game for people who loved the books than the TV series (and who doesn't love that wonderful adaptation by HBO), but still fun if you like a game of cheerful backstabbing.

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