iPhone 6 alert: Apple might not produce a 32GB model, but a 128GB one instead

A leaked technical document confirms a 128GB iPhone 6, but doesn’t indicate anything about a 32GB unit

Is Apple going to break traditions with its iPhone 6? Apparently so, if you believe this leak from GeekBar. The source claims that it’s received a pair of technical document listing of the iPhone 6, and the 32GB version is nowhere to be found.

In its place is one with a storage capacity of 128GB instead, making the flavours that might possibly be launched to 16GB, 64GB, and 128GB. But thus far, Apple’s been releasing iPhones in 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB capacities (only its iPad and iPods have had 128GB versions).

According to the documents, the 128GB iPhone 6 flash storage chip will be built by Toshiba, while the 16GB and 64GB versions will be made by Hynix, Nynix, and SanDisk.

If this rumour happens to be true, we’re not sure what this move will mean for Apple, since its pricing is heavily determined by the storage size of its iPhones. Currently, about S$150 is added to the price of an iPhone 5S with every doubling of storage capacity.

More storage = more expensive unit

So, given that the 64GB version of the iPhone 5S is valued at S$1288, the price of the alleged 128GB iPhone 6 will be around the S$1400 mark. Then again, there were rumours of a 128GB iPhone 5S, but that never materialised so at this moment, this piece of leak may just be fluff.

The upcoming smartphone is also expected to include a thinner, rounder form factor, a larger and higher-res display with sapphire screens, as well as wireless charging and NFC support features.  

We can’t wait for 9 September to finally put an end to all these speculations and find out what exactly Apple has in store for us. 

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[Source: Business Insider, image: Weibo]

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