Lights, camera, action: 7 iPad apps to make your own budget indie flick

Get your very own digital Tarantino 101 set-up here

Listen up, wannabe Spielbergs on a budget. Armed with these quality apps, from pre to post-production,  and your iPad, you won’t have to splash out on expensive equipment to make your own cinematic masterpiece.

iMovie (S$free)

Apple’s homebaked movie-making app churns out professional videos even at the fingertips of amateurs. From slow-mo to split screen effects, this app and its eight different themes with corresponding titles and transitions have everything you need to drag and drop into your film. After your film is done and dusted, this app even has the goods to help you make its trailer with 14 different templates to choose from. What are you waiting for, get filming already to make your family blockbuster to debut at Christmas.

Get iMovie here

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