Six of the best apps for survivalists

4. First Aid By British Red Cross

It’s always best to swot up on first aid before you set off into the bush. Even so, the Red Cross app is brief enough to be used in the heat of the moment for many emergencies, with clearly laid-out sections, step-by-step advice and embedded videos you can watch wherever you are. There really is no reason not to download it - and it could even be a life-saver one day.

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Platform: Android, iOS, BlackBerry Price: S$free

Download First Aid by British Red Cross for Android here

Download First Aid by British Red Cross for iOS here

Download First Aid by British Red Cross for BlackBerry here

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5. Outdoors Great Britain

Planning to explore the great outdoors on your next Euro-trip? When it comes to exploring the countryside, Proper Ordnance Survey maps are unbeatable. Even with in-app purchases this works out cheaper than the folding equivalents, and they can be downloaded for offline use, so you won’t need a phone signal to access them. Planning on trekking a little further afield? Editions for France, Germany and the USA are also available.

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Platform: iOS Price: S$3.98

Download Outdoors Great Britain here

6. Mushroom ID

Neither Stuff nor the makers of this app are suggesting you use it in isolation to identify edible fungi (one wrong move could kill you), but it can be used as part of your education in wild mushroom hunting. There are clear photos to help with identification, and details of edibility and toxicity. 

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Platform: iOS Price: S$5.98

Download Mushroom ID here

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