The 20 free iPad Air and iPad Mini apps you must download on Christmas Day

If you’ve woken up on Christmas morning to a tablet under the tree, here are Stuff’s pick of the top iOS apps to download - and they won’t cost you a penny

Apple is claiming it's an iPad Christmas, and app developers everyone are keeping their fingers crossed for a huge Christmas Day as new owners flock to the app store to load up their new gadget. With everything from robot unicorns to panda apps on offer, here's our pick of what you should download first. 


Absurdly addictive, Dots is an incredibly simple game that sees you join the dots on screen rather like a turbocharged Connect 4. It's a simple, easy to understand game, but give it a few minutes and you'll be hooked - and Christmas Day will disappear in a blur or bright colours and plinky plonk sound effects. There are lots of features to unlock, from a gravity version to special Chrismtas modes, all designed to keep you hooked.

Download here

Real Racing 3

If you think iOS games can't rival a console, then take a look at Real Racing 3, a superb, fully featured racing game. The graphics are stunning, and more importantly it's one of the most playable racers we've tried, with the tilt screen steering working brilliantly. There's a career mode to keep you going through the holidays, and regular updates, the latest of which has brought multiplayer racing in real time. 

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WWF Together

Perfect for Panda fans everywhere, WWF Together is a stunning exapmple of how iPads can be used for education. It's an amazing interactive piece of work highlighting key endangered species, and letting users see some stunning photography and facts about each. It's already been chosen by Apple as one of their top apps of 2013, and we agree - go get it now.

Download here

Robot Unicorn Attack 2

As well as being possibly the best named game in existence, Robot Unicorn Attack 2 is a superb game that sees you guiding your unicorn across a variety of terrains. It's utterly absurd, but also brilliant - after all, who hasn't dreamed of riding a unicorn into battle.

Download here


Google's YouTube app was unceremoniously yanked from the iPad along with Maps, but it has come back leaner, faster and better. It's a superb little app, giving you access to everything in the YouTube world, from your favourites to your subscriptions, in a simple, easy to understand app anyone will be able to use - a real essential for any iPad owner.

Download here

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