Is that an SD card in your pocket? No, it's Intel's tiny Edison PC

Our minds are blown at the sheer possibilities of Intel’s pint-sized PC, bringing the Internet of Things closer to reality than ever

Look closely. This is not an SD card. Rather, the Intel Edison is a full x86 PC with Pentium-class specs.

Unveiled at CES 2014, the Edison runs on Linux and is powered by Intel’s dual-core Quark system-on-chip processor. Everything but the kitchen sink fit snugly into this SD card form factor, including flash storage, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

This means smaller and smarter consumer tech is headed your way: all part of Intel CEO Bryan Krzanich's plan to make every object smart.

Is that an SD card in your pocket? No, it's Intel's tiny Edison PC -  2Is that an SD card in your pocket? No, it's Intel's tiny Edison PC -  3

That's the crux of what Edison brings to the table - a PC with full-fledged features, without the associated bulk that’ll make smart gadgets big and clunky.

And it won't be just make existing wearables a little more elegant - it could extend the possibilities of what can actually be made smart. The functionality was demonstrated by Intel with an Edison-equipped baby onesie from Rest Devices loaded with sensors, tracking the infant's temperature and pressure.

An Edison-eqipped mug with an LED screen collects the data from the outfit and changes the mug’s, well, mug, from a smiley blue to an angry red when the toddler turns cranky. Intel also showed off an Edison-equipped bottle warmer that activates when the baby stirs from his slumber.

In short, Intel’s Edison is hitting the right notes with the Internet of Things, in a future where just about any device or object - appliances, wearables, chairs - could be equipped with processing capabilities. 

And what’ll smart chairs do for you? Learning your sitting habits, self-adjusting to the most comfortable position or giving you a kick up the backside for being a slob.

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