The HUVr hoverboard video is fake, and here are 5 reasons why

4. It’s scientifically impossible

The closest technology we have to an actual hoverboard so far is the one utilized by maglev trains. That, however, requires magnetized coils to be below the board. In the video we see the Huvr working on everything from wood to asphalt, and unless there's been some top-secret military lab working on this, we’d have already written about it.

Even Discovery attempted to see if the technology was ever feasible, and they came to same conclusion that it just isn’t. The closest thing we might ever get to the hoverboard is the personal hovercraft in the above video. But if you’re still not convinced…

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5. Someone just referenced the video as a project in her resume

The person in question is Lauren Biedenharn, a stylist and costume designer. She recently reported it as work done for Funny or Die, a site that's known for its spoofs and funny videos. Though she's taken down the reference in her online resume, you should know that everything that goes up on the Internet is never really gone. This snapshot from Google cache should explain everything. 

So we’re really sorry to have to burst your bubble, but it looks like the hoverboards from Back to the Future II just aren't real. It is possible that despite ALL these reasons, we might still be wrong.  All we have to do is wait till December to find out.

Till then, maybe you ought to ogle at these pair of Back to the Future kicks from Nike that will actually be a reality come 2015. 

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