The HUVr hoverboard video is fake, and here are 5 reasons why

2. That Huvr rep looks mighty suspicious

No, not because he looks dodgy. He does look like the sort of person that would work in a next-gen tech company, but after some cyber-sleuthing (ok we did a lot of Googling), it turns out that the said rep is an actor. Slashgear managed to locate an acting reel of said HUVr rep, and found out that his name's Nelson Cheng.

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3. Is that a harness we see?

There’s one segment of the video that shows Tony Hawk is actually on a harness. Now it’s not really very clear, but from some angles it really looks like the skate legend is wearing one. It can be argued that we’re choosing what we want to see, but that’s one more piece of evidence that convinces us it’s not real.

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