The Hunger Games: 12 Singaporean food apps to whet your appetite

Your lunchtime woes end here with our recommended apps for the most important meal of the day

Lunchtime, the hour of day you excitedly look forward to, but have no clue how to proceed when it finally swings around.

We know your pain, and don’t want you to waste even a minute of that hour standing around arguing about food choices while the clock's ticking. Here are 12 apps to help you make the all-important decision that'll determine your mood for the rest of the day.

Oh wait, we forgot, sleepy is normally the default post-lunch mode.


The sister app of OpenRice is bringing its different apps together in the form of a visual guide, allowing users to browse food in Asia. Create an account to share your eating journey, or browse others’ to determine where your next eat stop will be.

Best feature: The nine country-strong database spanning delicious countries like Hong Kong, Thailand, and Malaysia amongst others.  

Good for: Well-travelled foodies, and visually stiumulating your appetite. Finally, you’ll be able to tag the place you were eating at even after you get home from holiday.

Download Opensnap for iOS or Android

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