Hue and cry: LightFreq is a disco in a lightbulb

This smart lightbulb packs a speaker to add some son et lumière to your connected home

It's a smart lightbulb. What's all the hue and cry for?
LightFreq is much more than that – it packs a Bluetooth speaker and mic into a colour-changing, connected bulb that pumps out 800 lumens in 16 million colour combinations.

Why would I want my lights to make noise? 
You can play your tunes through your light sockets! Who wouldn't want to do that? Lightfreq reckons you'll be able to sync up to 50 of their bulbs together – using their built-in Follow Me feature, your music will follow you around the house, if you're carrying your mobile or tablet with you.

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Hue and cry: LightFreq is a disco in a lightbulb -  2Hue and cry: LightFreq is a disco in a lightbulb -  3

Nice – but I'm not sure I need 50 of them.
Fair dos. Even one LightFreq pumps out impressive HD audio through its 5W speaker – we know, we've heard it in action. Though if you want more sound, we'd recommend hooking two up using the A2DP Bluetooth protocol for stereo audio.

Sweet, I'm having a party.
You've come to the right place; using the LightFreq app's Party Mode, you can sync up the light and sound for your very own home disco. LightFreq will even change up the colours and tempo of the light show based on the genre you're listening to.

Can it do anything besides disco lighting?
Yup. You can set LightFreq to alert you when you receive a notification on your smartphone. It's also handy as an alarm; you can set it to gradually light up your room while turning up your favourite tune in the morning. And each bulb contains a microphone, so you can use it as an intercom for phone calls.

How much does it cost?
LightFreq is currently crowdsourcing funds on Kickstarter. If you want to bag a bulb, the cheapest option currently available is an early bird pledge for US$55 – plus US$15 shipping, for a total of US$70 (S$88).

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