Xiaomi unveils its Mi Pad, and other news you might have missed

Take a break, grab a coffee and fill in on what’s been rocking the tech space

It’s been a crazy week of news in tech. Not only have there been vendors revealing their latest gadgets, there’s also been product information leaks and speculation of larger tech companies acquiring smaller ones. We understand that with so much feed, it’s hard to keep up with all that’s happening.

So, we took the honour to summarise for you the top stories for the week; you can thank us later.

We expected the Xiaomi Mi3S, but got the Mi Pad

Xiaomi surprised us with its product launch at the recent CNCC event in Beijing, by presenting its first Android-based tablet, the Mi Pad (that looks and sounds like the iPad) along with its Mi TV 2. It’s put to rest the speculation of a Xiaomi Mi3S release, at least for the time being, but hey, it must be doing something right for no one is complaining.

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Yahoo buys over Blink

Yahoo snapped up Snapchat’s biggest competitor, Blink, in what was one of the most unexpected app purchases of the week. But instead of either rebranding it or letting it continue on its own, Yahoo’s choosing to shut the app down and have its staff work on “smart communication products”. Hmm, we wonder what Yahoo’s got up its sleeve for it.  

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Is the Nokia 630 in Asia?

American and European rollouts to follow suit. If its retro looks or competitive price point doesn’t sway you, some of its features – such as its usability using gloves or quad-core Snapdragon processor – might entice you.

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The Sony Cyber-Shot RX III camera is feature packed

Third time could be a charm for Sony, with the launch of its Sony Cyber-Shot RX III camera. If you’re not a big fan of lugging around a clunky DSLR camera, this unit might be the one for you considering its size and imaging quality. Oh, and did we forget to mention its 3.0-type Xtra Fine LCD flips up 180 degrees for selfies? Score!

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Oppo Find 7 vs HTC One (M8) showdown

Though the HTC One (M8) is comfortable on Stuff’s top 10 smartphone list, there's no reason for it to slack – it should actually sweat with all the smartphone competition around it, of which the Oppo Find 7 is one. Even though there are both pros and cons to each phone, the result might surprise you.

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