11 of the best, most beautiful HTC One apps

Carbon for Twitter (Free)

If the official Twitter app (recently redesigned for a somewhat flatter, more modern look) isn’t doing it for you, Carbon makes for an attractive and effective alternative client. It sticks everything on one screen, letting you swipe left and right to move through timeline, mentions and direct messages, and features in-app YouTube playback, Vine previews and web pages.

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Hundreds (S$6.00)

A clean, minimalist, flat and effortlessly stylish puzzle game in which you tap numbered circles in order to increase their size and add them up to a total of 100. There’s nothing quite like it, in presentation or game design, out there.

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Call of Duty: Strike Team

This is about as good as first-person shooters currently get on smartphones. Call of Duty: Strike Team puts a heady dose of frenetic CoD's action into your strides, and takes full advantage of the HTC One's beautiful full HD screen and mighty Snapdragon 600 innards. The controls take a while to master, but it's nothing an extended bathroom break at work won't fix. Tip: wear headphones.

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