Have US$35,000? Get a wearable 3D-printed Iron Man suit complete with LED lights

Repulsor blast, jet thrusters and J.A.R.V.I.S. not included with this carbon fiber polymer replica of Tony Stark’s alter ego

Fancy a life-size, wearable 3D-printed Iron Man Mark III suit in your living room? You can have one delivered to your doorstep. The caveat - you’ll need US$35,000 (S$44,012).

Iron Man Factory is taking limited pre-orders for the Mark III suit featured in the 2008 Marvel film. For the anxious few (and might we add, filthy rich), five units will be shipped within four months.

But if you’re short on cash and don’t need it urgently for the next comic convention, there’s the mass production model that costs US$2000 (S$2515). However, the waiting period stretches between six to eight months, and requires at least 5000 pre-orders,  before mass production can proceed.

J.A.R.V.I.S. not included

The suit, made out of carbon fiber polymer, weighs less than 3kg so you won’t look like a lumbering buffoon when you walk in it. Its interior is lined with a 2mm EVA cushion. Comfy, but that won’t help with the heat and sweat build-up after a few hours of cosplaying.

Sensor-controlled motors powered by a AAA battery let you flip the faceplate to reveal your best Tony Stark grin. Oh, you can engage the ‘thruster’ flaps on the suit, just don't go jumping off a building.

LED lights are included to complete the look, making kids squeal in glee, only to disappoint them when you can’t activate repulsor blasts or hover with the suit.

[Source: Iron Man Factory via Engadget]

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