Hall of Shame - 10 abysmal video game to movie adaptations

Warning, don’t rent or buy these awful game-based films from the last two decades. They shouldn't even have appeared on the silver screen

Film studios often think a blockbuster video game gets the same love from gamers when it's adapted into a movie. The truth is far from that. We've listed, in no order of demerit because they're equally horrible, the worst video game to movie adaptions. We apologise for subjecting you to these cringe-worthy trailers.

DOA: Dead or Alive

Tecmo/Team Ninja’s fighting game, known more for its female eye candy than gameplay, had no trouble getting our attention in its live-action adaption. But Corey Yuan, who made his entry into Hollywood managing Jet Li's action sequences and doing action choreography in films such as the Expendables, should have stuck to his day job. He did get some recognition for the film’s action sequences, but everything else about the film, from the dialogue to the plot, was universally panned.

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