Oppo Find 7 availability and all the other news you might have missed

We’ve filtered out the biggest news of the week for you to read

You might have been too caught up with all the excitement from E3 to fully grasp what else have been happening in the world of tech. Fret not – Stuff’s got you covered. Here are the top five stories that you might have and shouldn't miss this from the past week.

The Oppo Find 7 is coming

After months of speculation and waiting, the oppo Find 7 is finally (well, almost) available in South East Asia, priced at S$719. Its biggest selling point is its high-resolution 2K, 5.5in screen and ultra HD multi-shot feature that enables you to take 10 photos and combine them into a massive 50MP image. Now, we just have to wait till its July release.

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ZTE stamps its entry into South East Asia with its smartphone range

Another Chinese handset vendor has decided to make its mark on South East Asian soil – ZTE has unveiled its flagship Nubia Z5S Mini and claims it will be available a little after the local launch of the Blade L2 and KIS 3. If you’ve been wanting a cheaper handset you can expect one of these to hit our shores by the end of this year.

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More rumours of the LG G smartwatch surface

It’s no secret that LG’s got its purported G smartwatch in the making. But now, new specs have been leaked, indicating that it might be arriving with up to 36 hours of battery life, storage of up to 4GB, and a battery charge time of about two hours. Sounds impressive to you? You’ll just have to wait till Google’s annual I/O conference, where it might make its debut.

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Is Google launching a health service called Google Fit?

It’s no surprise if Google wants to stand alongside Samsung and Apple in the health service space, especially since there’s money in assembling and analysing data from various fitness trackers and apps. To carry that out though, it’ll need strategic partners, and this is what we’ll be looking out for at the Google I/O conference.

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This might just be Microsoft’s biggest move yet…

Kinect-like motion gestures on Nokia’s next Lumia smartphone might seem like something out of the movie Minority Report, that is, if the rumours circulating around are true. This hardware, that may be nicknamed McLaren, might allow you to answer your phone by bringing it to your ear or cover it to mute, amongst others. Say bye-bye to those buttons.

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