Get your rocks off with Tobit's pole-dancing robot strippers

Looks like CeBit, the annual trade fair held at Hanover, Germany, got sleazed up with some mechanical exotic dancers

You wonder what the world's coming to when we start building robot strippers.

It's still a far cry from the “fleshbots” in sci-fi movies and shows like Almost Human, but maybe the key to robotic pleasures might start off from a strip club.

The robots in question are made by German software developer Tobit. At CeBit, the annual trade fair held at Hanover, Germany, they’ve set up a booth that features two pole dancing robots, with a fellow robot DJ spinning the deck.

As sleazy as it might sound, the performance is pretty tame. As you’ll see from the video, the repetitive performance gets boring after a while. Seriously, aside from being an interesting way to display robot technology, we highly doubt anyone would find a bunch of wires, cabling and mechanical parts gyrating to stripper music arousing. Especially if the robotic strippers don’t even have human faces.

Then again, one can’t tell when it come to weird fetishes.

If your tastes swing that way, you could walk away with your personal robot stripper. Be prepared to pay a pretty penny though, as each ladybot is reportedly going for around US$40,000. Sounds like a hefty price, but considering the sort of customisation options you'll have with them, it could come across as a bargain. 

Source: The Verge

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