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14 February 2015/13:03GMT

New Nintendo 3DS XL review

The gimmicky handheld gets a second shot at greatness, but this is more evolution than revolution
Nintendo 2DS
15 October 2013/0:32BST

Nintendo 2DS review

Nintendo’s 2DS is a curious, non-3D addition to the 3DS family, and we can't say we're very impressed...


PlayStation Vita Slim review
20 September 2013/23:25BST

Sony PlayStation Vita Slim review

The Vita's gone all trim for 2014, but is that enough to convince gamers on the fence to take the...
15 July 2013/5:45BST

Ouya review

Cheap, portable and hackable; Ouya could turn out to be nothing more than a Kickstarted flash in the pan, or...
03 July 2013/3:39BST

Nintendo Wii U review

The new future of consoles starts with Nintendo’s Wii U. Or does it? We hit up the latest gaming hardware...
01 July 2013/4:23BST

Sony PS3 Slim review

The Sony PS3 Slim's got more hard drive, for less money. Time to trade in your old PS3?