Game of Thrones: Which of these ultimate gaming chairs will win over your butt?

These seats will answer all your gaming needs, except the call of nature

Every real gamer knows that the set-up is essential to a fulfilling game session.

Aside from the hardware, the software (the chair) must be equally prepared to contribute to hours of furious gameplay and make your gaming butt refuse to leave the chair's embrace, aside to use the toilet.

Here are five that meet our stringent criteria.

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MWE Emperor 200

Well, hello there, throne of destruction. The Emperor 200 deserves its weighty title with its three 24in LED touchscreen displays, THX surround sound, and even air filtration and light therapy systems to justify sitting in it 24/7. Only downside? It costs US$49,150, but we’re sure it’s worth every penny we don’t have.

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Doob Fwoompz

The ever reliable beanbag will hug your body shape so you never have to worry about feeling unloved in a beanbag. The S$149 forward-thinking Fwoomp is even clad in water-resistant material to guard against potential spillages. One size fits all, so feel free to fall back into the non-judgemental embrace of your Fwoomp and game away to your heart’s desire.

X Rocker Pro H3 4.1

Padded to every inch of its being, the X Rocker Pro H3 4.1 comes with four speakers and a subwoofer to magnify your gaming experience. But that’s not all, it packs vibration motors to help you feel every blast and machine-gun roar, while its wireless audio receiver ensures you won’t get entangled in your headphone cables in your excitement. Yes, it happens.

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