The S Pen is mightier than the finger: 5 apps to make the most of your Samsung stylus

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will soon be revealed. Here are the top 5 apps to install to put its resident stylus to good use

“Who needs a stylus when I have fully functioning digits?”

We’re pretty sure your fingers don’t taper to a point, no matter how skinny they might be. For ultimate accuracy, it’s still best to get touchy with a stylus. It isn’t as pointless as you think, especially when you have these apps to work it to its fullest potential.

SignEasy: Sign Documents (S$free)

Whether it’s pleasure or work-related, signing off on things is part of the painstaking process these days. But not everyone carries around a mobile scanner or printer. The next best thing is of course this app and a stylus.

Import said document from your email or any cloud storage service that supports that functionality, scribble your signature, resize and move it to the spot you want, fill in any other information like date and initials, and off it goes back to the sender in a matter of minutes.

Point of the S Pen: If you were to try signing with your finger, what you’d end up with is an illegible smudge. But with the S Pen, it’s just like you’re signing a document in pen and ink, without the inconvenience.

Download SignEasy here

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Sketching can be pretty sketchy with just your fingers, turning a potential piece of digital fine art into a doodle that looks like it has been fingerpainted by toddlers.

Your creativity is only limited by your talent on this app. It supports pen pressure sensitivity so your strokes come out exactly the way you want while different tools and effects give more options than your local art store could ever provide you with.

Point of the S Pen: The S Pen puts the fine in fine art. If your artwork still turns out bad, you can only blame your artistic aptitude, or lack thereof.

Download SketchBook Pro

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