This incredibly detailed photo of a cat was apparently taken with the LG G3

LG's next-gen superphone looks set to pack a mighty imaging wallop

See that rather stern looking feline up there? It was supposedly captured by the yet-to-be-revealed LG G3.

Posted on message board ortud by a user who claims that their friend has access to a G3 carrier sample, the photo is remarkably detailed for a smartphone snapper.

Even with this one single photo to go on, it looks like the excellent standards set by the G2's camera have improved even further. Assuming the photo is legitimate of course.

Click here for the full hi-res photo.

Splitting hairs

A 100% crop of the photo retains impressive details without the same levels of blur and noise present in shots taken even with respectable smartphone cameras like the G2 or iPhone 5s.

You can easily see the details between individual hairs, and the EXIF data tells us that the photo was taken by a device called the LG-D972.

That model number doesn't match up with any of LG's current or confirmed future devices which is promising, but we're still teetering on the edge of cautious optimism, as EXIF data is pretty easy to fake.

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The resolution of the photo is 4160 x 2342 which works out to 9.6MP at a 16:9 aspect ratio. That means that the G3 takes 13MP 4:3 shots. This supports the forum user's claims of a 13MP camera with OIS+, which is based on the LG G Pro 2's camera.

This goes against previous rumours of a 16MP snapper, and fuels the flames of doubt surrounding the rumours of a QHD screen too.

If you crop into the cat's left eye, you can also just about make out a hand gripping a smartphone in portrait orientation. Or perhaps we're just squinting too hard...

According to the mysterious forum poster (who goes by the reassuring name, 'Geek'), the LG G3 will launch in July, earlier than the expected September reveal.

Stay tuned for more info, as and when we get it.

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[ortud via Phone Arena]

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