Rising Stars: The Top Five Games At Korea’s Biggest Game Expo

Wild Buster: ProjectTitan (PC)

The Skinny: Remember Neo Contra on the PS2 where everything was presented in an isometric view, and was actually fun despite not being a 2D homage? Well, Wild Buster Titan is like that, while also combining the loot-hoarding click-fest gameplay from the Diablo series.

Players get to choose between two factions, the Guardians and Abandons, with both of them featuring an array of classes. These include the staff-wielding-and-undead-summoning Undertaker, the minigun-brandishing Destroyer, and the Explosioner, which we assume will be good at making things go “boom”. After selecting a stage, players will have to reach the level’s end boss within a set time while also clearing sections of a long-winding corridor filled with sci-fi goons and aliens. From energy-based genie-like aliens, to Terminator-style robots with silver human faces, to mecha-ducks, the game is all about managing your resources (ammo in this case) and powering through the stage until the end. On an online MMO system, expect people to drop into your games for assistance when needed.

Developer Star Duck isn’t going beyond entertaining action RPG fans with Wild Buster. However, with over 20 different classes to experiment with and featuring their own set of skills and moves, as well as the action not letting up the deeper they go into a dungeon, it’s banking on play style variety and nailing the controls and simple-yet-colorful sci-fi aesthetics.

Localization Fate:  We’re going to say that this is going to stay in Korea. While fun, the visuals and sci-fi setting may not be enough to push the developer to work on an English version. There is an English portal, but it hasn’t been updated for a long while and it’s not optimized for certain browsers.

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