Blizzard fanboys, choose your Heroes of the Storm

A hope for an inviting scene

For those who are scared of the mid-to-high levels of entry for MOBAs, Kim assured that Heroes of the Storm will be for all kinds of players. “At Blizzard, we have a philosophy: easy to learn, hard to master. That alone is making us hit as broad an audience as possible.”

He was also surprised at the fanfare the game got from top StarCraft II players from Europe to Korea who attended the 2013 StarCraft II World Championship Series. “I thought StarCraft II players were only interested in super-competitive and super-strategic games, as Heroes of the Storm is a little more laid-back and more team-focused. It’s such a different game compared to StarCraft II, but first impressions seem to have been pretty good.”

It’ll take a while for this fresh and streamlined take on the MOBA genre to be fully playable, given Blizzard’s track record of taking its sweet time with games. In any case, 2014 may be the year where players will start livestreaming their impromptu Blizzard trademark character fights and writing up FAQs on using Abathor or some minor obscure Blizzard-branded goblin or viking of a lost nature in great detail, if the promising preview build is of any indication.

Heroes of the Storm is now available for beta sign-up, and is expected in 2014.

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