Blizzard fanboys, choose your Heroes of the Storm

A hero brawler?

Heroes of the Storm does not deviate a lot from the established formula, but Blizzard isn’t setting out to reinvent the MOBA wheel. The team is making it more open for a wide range of players, as well as labelling it a ‘hero brawler’, according to David Kim, the project’s senior designer who used to work on the StarCraft II series.

“We feel like the title change is mainly because we’re using Blizzard characters and it takes place on different battlegrounds that have special mechanics to play on. In one of them, you have to collect these coins to turn it into this legendary pirate who uses a giant pirate ship to open fire on an opponent’s home base. By calling it that, it captures the essence much better.”

Kim said that the huge focus of Heroes of the Storm is teamwork, thanks to the aforementioned alternative tactics. “We don’t want it to be a ‘I want to compete with my own teammate and get ahead in levels, so I can be a stronger level than you’ situation. The only competition should be your enemy team. Thus, when a teammate levels up, everybody levels up.”

“At the end of the day, you are trying to destroy the enemy’s main tower, but the small objectives are recommended as they offer more tactical options via teamwork and coordination. If you and your team are MOBA-savvy, you may not even need these tactics though you will be at a huge disadvantage.”

This seems to be the case, as we played on two other battlefields where collecting sun and moon coins dropped at random across the middle of the field will summon a dragon warrior that helps your team destroy obstructions on a random lane. The catch is that you’ll be stuck collecting and activating these collectibles, leaving yourself (and your teammates) vulnerable to oncoming ambushes.

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