The Future Sucks: 15 of the most depressing dystopian sci-fi films

3. After Earth

This is really in here to make a point, that any product of M. Night Shamalamadingdong is an unbearable future contained all within itself.

This sci-fi stinker about an uninhabitable earth also chillingly features Jaden Smith as its protagonist. We’ll spare you the details.

Likelihood: It was bad enough that the movie happened.

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2. Robocop

It’s the future in Detroit and a mega-corporation called OCP owns and controls everything. People are constantly bombarded with commercials for ridiculous products on TV. The unemployment rate is soaring. Crime is rife due to non-existent gun regulation and an overtaxed police force. The city is run by white collar criminals constantly coming up with new schemes to exploit the system and profit off the backs of the gullible masses.

Likelihood: As a YouTube comment put so succinctly “All came true in Detroit - except the technical advance”. True, as a future for mankind as a whole it doesn’t suck all the much, but the movie so accurately predicted the current decrepit state of Detroit so many years ago based on one principle - crap floats, that’s why the worst people rise to the top. That makes for a very real and very crappy future.


1. Elysium

All the super rich people live off-planet, in an artificial ring-shaped environment named Elysium. All the poor people are stuck on Earth, which has effectively just become a garbage dump. What scarce resources left are mined for the benefit of the off-worlders, who are bereft of disease and imperfection due to super medical pods that heal everything, including a blown-off face.

Most of the Earth-dwellers live in slums, due to overpopulation and food scarcity. Not enough jobs and no social mobility to go around. Add in a cold, ruthless android police force and you’ve got a puke of a future to drown in.

Likelihood: The main traits of this sombre vision already take place in the present. 80% of the world’s population live in places where the income gap is steadily widening. 22,000 children die daily due to poverty. The richest 20% of the world make up 75% of total world income. 50% of the world population survives on less than $2.50 a day. 1.1 billion people in developing countries have inadequate access to water. The super-rich might not live in space yet, but from those sequestered away in their skyscrapers and penthouses, they might as well be.

The worst future we can think of is one that’s already happening. But there are a lot of fantastically dark cinematic visions of the days ahead that we didn’t mention. What future do you fear the most? Tell us in the comments.


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