The Future Sucks: 15 of the most depressing dystopian sci-fi films

12. Oblivion

Aliens conquer the earth with endless Tom Cruise clones. The ensuing war buries most of earth in desert and sends the remainder of mankind back into caves and bunkers, hiding from murderous robotic drones - maintained by aforementioned Tom Cruise clones - as the planet gets sapped dry of our geothermal energy by the alien equivalent of deep sea oil drilling rigs.

Likeliness: The jury is out on this one, until a geometrical space anomaly floats into our solar system. But it makes sense that aliens would clone one of our own kind to use against us. We’re already really good at killing each other. And it comes as no surprise that Tom Cruise would be pivotal to the fall of humanity. 

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11. I Am Legend

Otherwise known as “I Didn’t Read the Source Material”, I Am Legend is more or less about another zombie apocalypse - which is completely different from the book on which it is based. Taking place in New York, which apparently is the only place that things happen to, Will Smith is a lone human survivor who spends his time watching DVDs and trying to cure the zombie plague.

By now, we can say with some certainty that zombie-plague scenarios tend to suck, especially if you are human. In fact, we’ll go out on a limb and say that any future that proposes mankind adopting widespread cannibalism is a big no-no in the happy books. Even though the zombies exhibit signs of empathy and solidarity, we doubt that it would be fun to be converted, seeing as how their complexions resemble that of naked mole-rats. Ugh.

Likeliness: Similar to 28 Days Later, the premise of I Am Legend is a viral epidemic that is potentially possible. However, the idea of Will Smith being a self-sufficient genius scientist engineer who saves the world with his legacy is pure fantasy, if Jaden Smith is anything to go by. 

10. Minority Report

In a world with precognition, any crime can be arrested before it is truly perpetrated. In order to do so, Tom Cruise heads a unit in the future-crimes division, stopping murderers in their tracks right before there has to be a victim. That is, until he is revealed to be a future-murderer - from which hilarity ensues.

To be fair, this future isn’t all that shabby. Humankind exists safely behind an oppressive and imperfect mandate, but gets to enjoy the incredible advances of unfettered technological innovation. But there’s something inherently wrong about a society that is policed upon the probability of crime instead of crime itself. Imagine being arrested for being likely to steal, or incarcerated for being likely to kill. Try to do any banking at the bank on a Monday and you’d go straight to prison.

Likeliness: Given that we can’t even solve crimes very well after they’ve been committed, solving crimes before they happen belongs squarely in the dreams of ham-fisted conservatives of the fascist bent. 

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