Slide to unlock: 19 nifty tricks you never knew that your iPhone was capable of

The iPhone has many more functions hidden up its sleeve that you've yet to discover

Slide to unlock: 19 tricks you never knew that your iPhone was capable of

We all spend heaps of time on our iPhones, and probably think that we know all there is to know about our phones by now. But you’re wrong.

Tucked within the recesses of the iOS intelligence are yet more ways that you never knew you could use your phone. Plus, Chinese New Year is a really good time to share (or show off) your iKnowledge.


Activate parental controls

Situation: You’ve got a kid who wants to play with your new iPhone, but you don’t really want him accidentally deleting all your photos. You make him promise to only play Candy Crush and not touch the rest of your stuff. Of course, he doesn’t listen and you lose half of your contacts and he chalks up an enormous App Store bill downloading random games too.

Kindness doesn’t have to end so badly, you can turn on restricted access before giving a kid free reign over your phone.

Solution: Under Accessibility is where you will find Guided Access. Turn it on and you can even tweak it so that a sound plays and the remaining time is voiced out. When in the app you want to allow Guided Access to, just triple-click the Home button to bring up the option.

You’ll be prompted to draw circles around the options you want off limits to the kid (like the danger zone that is the option to buy add-ons for a game) . When you tap on options, you can further disable functions like the volume button and the keyboard, as well as set a time limit for Guided Access if need be.

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