Unlock the full potential of your Xiaomi smartphone with these MIUI tricks

Otherwise known as how to make your Mi phone better than great

As Xiaomi has stated so many times before, they’re more a software company than a hardware one.

Those affordable phones that the world has flipped over are merely a vessel for Xiaomi’s real star product - MIUI, a stellar compromise between iOS (design) and Android (customisability).

While its sixth iteration to date might comprise of what seems to be a superficial makeover, you just have dig a little deeper beneath its surface to make it work better for you. Let's start you off on your journey to getting to know MIUI better with these hidden secrets.

Additional text by Tein Hee Seow

Go easy on your eyes

Much has been said about Apple’s Night Shift on iOS 9.3, the feature that reduces blue light on your iPhone’s screen to ease the strain on your eyes. But we bet you didn’t know there’s a similar feature hiding in MIUI all along that offers a fair bit of customisation that Apple doesn’t.

To activate: Tap on Settings, then Display, and finally Reading mode to enable it. You can adjust the Strength. Unlike Apple’s, you can’t schedule it to kick in at a certain time, but you can customise which apps have the feature applied to it within the same category.

Because while it makes reading easier, it’s still nice to appreciate the artwork of games as their creators intended them to be.

Go big or go home

If you find yourself squinting at your Mi phone trying to read emails, it’s high time to stop before those furrow lines become permanently etched onto your face. It’s only natural that your eyesight will worsen with time, but you don’t have to give yourself wrinkles. Don’t fix yourself, have your Mi phone fix the problem for you.

To activate: Go to Settings, then Text size, then move the slider to the size you want. There are a total of six options ranging from S (perfect eyesight) to XXL (nearly as blind as Matt Murdock), tap OK and the phone will transform text for you.

What we love about this is everything’s scaled accordingly so it doesn’t look cartoonishly oversized, like the visual equivalent of clown shoes on a child.

Tap to lock

There’s something rather unnatural about having to press the power button on the side when your super skinny phone is lying on the table. There’s another way to lock it that doesn’t require you to awkwardly lift the phone up, just put a lock icon on your home screen.

To activate: Edit your home screen by tapping and holding the menu button on your Mi phone, then Widgets, and find the Lock icon to put it on your home screen. Now all you have to do to lock your phone is to tap on that.

Unfortunately, you’ll still have to use the physical power button to wake your phone. 


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