Make your Xiaomi Mi 4i even more incredible with these MIUI secrets

Witness the full power of your Xiaomi smartphone when you learn these MIUI tricks

As Xiaomi has stated so many times before, they’re more a software company than a hardware one.

Those affordable phones that the world has flipped over are merely a vessel for Xiaomi’s real star product - MIUI, a stellar compromise between iOS (design) and Android (customisability).

While its sixth iteration to date might comprise of what seems to be a superficial makeover, you just have dig a little deeper beneath its surface to make it work better for you. Let's start you off on your journey to getting to know MIUI better with these hidden secrets.

Additional text by Tein Hee Seow

Camera shortcut from lock screen

You fumble with the phone, unlock it, tap the camera app and wait for the damn shooter to load. Five seconds have passed, and so has that fleeting moment you’ve wanted to capture. What if we told you there’s an easier way to jump straight to the camera on a Xiaomi phone in a mere two seconds?

To activate: go to Settings followed by Buttons and make sure the “Long press Back to take photo” option is activated. Now, do as it says - just press and hold the back button on the lock screen. Don’t let go till you hear the shutter sound.

Home sweet home

The default home screen is not your idea of home because your life resides on your social apps. You hate having to hit the home button and having to swipe to the next screen anyway because your social networking apps are what your life revolves around. You don’t have to stick to the status quo on a Xiaomi phone.

To activate: Pinch to the middle of any screen with three fingers and you’ll enter edit mode with all your pages displayed. Just tap the home icon below any to make it your Home page, so that the next time you tap on the Home button, that’s where you’ll be immediately be transported to - your real home.

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