Christmas Gift Guide 2015: 8 gift ideas for Android fans

We've hunted down a haul of the best kit for any self-proclaimed lover of all things Android

There are well over a billion Android users on the planet right now, but decent accessories for them remain harder to find than brain cells at a Donald Trump convention.  

That doesn't mean there aren't any good ones of course - you just have to search harder than you do for iAccessories.

And that's exactly what we've done for you, pulling together everything to make fans of that little green 'bot jump for joy.

Asus ZenPad 8 Audio Cover

Asus ZenPad 8 Audio Cover (S$129)

For the friends who already have an Android tablet, what more can they want? If they happen to be using the Asus ZenPad 8, then you're in luck. Get the Asus ZenPad 8 Audio Cover, which is more than just a cover for their slate. For beneath the Audio Cover lies six speakers, complete with a subwoofer to add that extra punch to your music and movies when you watch them on the ZenPad 8

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Homido VR headset (S$129)

Sure, Google’s Cardboard contraption is pretty cool, but for a proper virtual reality romp you need something much more formidable.

Enter Homido: the stereoscopic, 360-degree head-tracking helmet that turns modern mobiles into movie magicians. Fully-adjustable for different eyesights and face shapes, the completely wireless headset can also be used to enter a world of immersive 3D gaming.

Compatible with both Android and iOS, slip in your S6 and strap it on to Granddad to give him the virtual time of his life.

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Best Christmas gifts ideas for Android fans

Ogio Renegade RSS Backpack (~S$185, exclusive of shipping cost)

Portable speaker, laptop, Android tablet - your pockets can't fit them all. This back-hugger packs in dedicated soft-lined laptop and tablet compartments, the latter of which is large enough to lovingly cradle your trusty 12in Android tablet. Because we all know 9.7in fruit tablets are for casuals.

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Best Christmas gifts ideas for Android fans

Harman Kardon Esquire mini (S$199)

This slab of polished metal might look like a stylish cigar case, but it's actually a portable Bluetooth speaker.

Despite its size, it’ll blast out your bangers at surprisingly loud volumes without sounding distorted or tinny, and it feels as solid in the hands as its price tag would suggest. Its rear kickstand props it up nicely for directed sound, too, while it cleverly doubles up as a portable charger - letting you top up your trusty Android devices via an in-built USB port.

A microphone will even transform it into a conference call speaker at the press of a button, so you can switch from Iron Maiden to Ted in accounting with a single touch.

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Best Christmas gifts ideas for Android fans

Google Chromecast - S$45

Chromecast is a portal to your Android/iOS and PC devices which simply plugs into your TV’s HDMI socket (drawing power via USB) and lets you beam Netflix, YouTube, Play Store videos and more, straight to the big screen. Slip it in your bag and enjoy your movies at whichever long-lost relative's house you happen to end up at on Christmas day.

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Best Christmas gifts ideas for Android fans

Philips Hue bulb - S$89

Yes, S$89 for a lightbulb is shocking, but this isn’t just any bulb. The Hue is a smart bulb: you can change its colour remotely via a free app even from across the globe. You can even dim the lights remotely to set the mood (you classy devil you) or set them to turn on in the morning and wake up in style. All that and they’re 80 per cent more efficient than traditional bulbs too.

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Best Christmas gifts ideas for Android fans

Soundmagic E10S In-Ear Isolating Earphones - S$85

Want the best bang-for-buck in-ears in the solar system? Look no further. Ideal for those looking for a headphone upgrade, you can’t beat the E10S for sound for less than S$100. Its in-line remote works with both Apple and Android devices too, so everyone wins.

Buy the Soundmagic E10S In-Ear Isolating Earphones here

Best Christmas gifts ideas for Android fans

Woodpuck Qi Charger (~S$85, exclusive of shipping cost)

Few things which go by the description of ‘puck’ are as stunning and useful as this. Stunningly crafted from finest Mao Zhu Bamboo (which is good, because it’s very sustainable), this little disc will wirelessly charge any Qi-enabled device in a beautiful fusion of nature and tech.

What’s more, in a double-boon for eco-conscious coffee-loving chargers, the ‘Puck comes in Macchiato, Latte and Espresso wood tones, so you’ll definitely be able to match it up with your teak telephone case and its walnut wall charger.

Buy the Woodpuck Qi Charger here

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