Christmas Gift Guide 2014: 14 gadget gifts for Apple fans

Whether they’re into Macs, iPhones or iPads, these gift ideas will make any Apple fan grin on Christmas Day
Best Christmas gifts ideas for Apple fans

Best Christmas gifts ideas for Apple fans

If history is anything to go by, Santa will be working overtime this year, delivering Apple kit to all the boys and girls (of all ages; if you’re listening, big guy, we’ve been very good and would love an iPad Air).

But beyond the realm of iPhones, iPads and 5K Retina iMacs, there are plenty of gadgets and accessories to make an Apple fan squeal with joy. Read on for our list of the best Christmas gift ideas for Apple fans…

Mophie powerstation XL (S$179)

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad Air

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad Air

iDevices don't have removable batteries. Diehard Apple fans will tell you that's all part of their charm. But charm won't help you when you're stranded in Elephant and Castle at 3am with no way to call Uber. This huge 12,000mAh portable battery will let you juice two devices (including an iPad) at once, eliminating low battery anxiety for good.

Buy the Mophie powerstation XL here

Apple TV (S$148)

Apple TV

Apple TV

On the face of it, the Apple TV looks like a missed opportunity, referred to by Apple as a ‘hobby’ and lacking an App Store. Yet once you own one, you realise it’s a great purchase; along with providing access to the iTunes Store and iTunes Match, it also enables you to beam audio, video and games to a TV from any iOS device via AirPlay, or you can pull and live-encode video from a PC or Mac if you invest in Air Video or StreamToMe.

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Libratone Loop (US$500 (S$625))

Circles are great. They're symmetrical, lack sharp edges, and they're the same shape as Wagon Wheels.This rather fetching example in particular manages to do all of the above, with the added bonus of blasting out your tunes with room-filling sound over AirPlay or Bluetooth. It's got brains to match its stylish coloured wool cover too, thanks to Spotify Connect smarts for multi-room listening and higher fidelity audio. Whether you mount it on a wall, snuggle it into a stylish mahogany bookshelf or slap it in the middle of your room as a statement, its simple design is one that all Jony Ive fans can get behind. Or in front of, rather. It'll sound better that way.

Buy the Libratone Loop here

Adonit Jot Pro Fine Point Stylus (S$42)

This stylus sets itself apart from the rest of the flock by offering a fine tip and transparent precision disc which lets you track the path of your virtual ink for more accuracy. It’s pressure sensitive too, and ideal for those looking for more precision in their sketches. Possibly wasted on stick men connoisseurs, but who are we to judge? 

Buy the Adonit Jot Pro Fine Point Stylus here