The 10 best Sony PlayStation 4 games

After a slow start, great PS4 games are now coming thick and fast. These are the first 10 we'd buy
Sony PS4

Sony PS4


As a piece of hardware, the PlayStation 4 is a truly fantastic games console – read our in-depth PS4 review here for proof of that - but what about its software?

Well, turns out there are numerous cracking titles already available, and it's only getting better with each passing month. Read on and we'll tell you exactly which ones you need to buy. 

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Like gadget-mad chef Heston Blumenthal reinventing a classic dish, Housemarque’s Resogun takes the best ingredients of ‘80s coin-op blasters and whips them into something new and magical.

Resogun’s addictive protect-and-survive action is utterly thrilling, all heart-pumping shooting and callus-inducing manoeuvring. It’s a looker too, using the PS4’s power to create a kaleidoscopic world where enemies burst into showers of fizzing pixels like fireworks. It’s our favourite PS4 game yet and for good reason.

Best for... trigger-happy Tron enthusiasts

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EA Sports has cemented its dominance of digital footy with its new generation incarnation of FIFA 14. On top of the satisfying action of the old generation, it harnesses the extra oomph of the PlayStation 4 to give us better animation, more lifelike crowds, a superior camera angle, smarter players and more physical kickabouts.

It’s a noticeable improvement on the PS3 and Xbox 360 editions and confirmation that FIFA’s reign as our favourite football game won’t be ending anytime soon. Indeed, from what we've seen of FIFA 15 so far, it looks like extending its dominance ever further.

Best for... seeing the sweat on Ronaldo's brow


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The Last of Us Remastered


One of the absolute best games of the last generation is made better still on PS4, with enhanced graphics, a faster frame rate and tons of extra content.

The tale of one man's journey across a mutant-infested United States with his child companion, The Last Of Us delivers a harrowing quest punctuated by intense action sequences. But it's also far more than a mere action game, instilling its story with incredible emotion and leaving you with deep connections to the characters. It really is the complete package. 

Best for… mature, memorable adventuring

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Battlefield 4

No, EA's latest gung-ho military shooter didn't launch particularly well, making Call Of Duty: Ghosts the early pick for online firefights. But now the servers are stable and Battlefield 4's true glory can shine through, delivering mind-numbingly massive battles across land, sea, and air at a scale that no other shooter can match.

The solo campaign is fine, but it's the multiplayer mode that's the real draw here, providing countless hours of intense and amazing entertainment for its many fans.

Best for... epic online shootouts

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Brilliantly brainy and bloody difficult to boot, Fez delivers a puzzle-soaked platform experience like no other. While it might look the part of a traditional retro side-scroller, a quick pull of the trigger rotates the world 90 degrees and rearranges the stage elements as such – meaning you'll not only manoeuver each level, but also modify it to suit your needs. It's super smart and spectacularly satisfying to conquer.

Best for... punching your brain repeatedly (in a good way)

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