The 10 best Microsoft Xbox One games so far

From giant robots to sports cars, the most ambitious console ever offers a bevy of essential titles
Xbox One

Xbox One

The Xbox One is a hugely ambitious console, focused not just on gaming but on providing an all-round entertainment experience.

As our full review points out, Microsoft's grand, living room-dominating vision is not quite yet a reality – but on the plus side there are some top notch titles already available for the console.

Here are our 10 favourites, and the first games any new Xbox One owners should go for.

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Best Xbox One console games - Titanfall

Best Xbox One console games - Titanfall

Every console needs an exclusive must-play game to set it apart from its rivals, and for the Xbox One that game is Titanfall.

Why? Because you get to stomp around as a giant robot, smashing all that moves into tiny, very dead pieces. Or because you get to bring down the aforementioned megabots while in puny human form. Or because it's about as good as modern multiplayer gets.

No, it's not exactly subtle, and no, it's not big on originality or story either - but hey! Giant robots!

Best for... multiplayer mayhem

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Forza Motorsport 5

Best Xbox One console games - Forza Motorsport 5

Best Xbox One console games - Forza Motorsport 5

Want a showcase for your freshly unwrapped Xbox One? Then Microsoft’s highly polished racing game is your best bet. It looks stunning, boasts impeccable car models and drives like a dream. 

Forza Motorsport 5 also has a truly next-gen feature: Drivatar, where the Xbox One cloud gathers up your performance data to construct a AI version of you that then starts appearing in your mates’ races.

There are plenty of customisation options to keep petrol-head tinkerers happy too.

Best for... showing off the hardware

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Best Xbox One console games - FIFA 14

Best Xbox One console games - FIFA 14

FIFA fans rejoice: for the Xbox One has supercharged the latest edition of the world’s favourite footy game. The players are brainier, the more realistic crowds bring the terraces to life and the new default viewpoint makes passing easier. Then there’s the superior animation that makes every match feel more physical. It’s a sizeable leap forward from the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions and one that will keep FIFA on top of the league for some time yet.

Best for... feeling at one with the crowd

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Battlefield 4

We had Call Of Duty: Ghosts here in this list initially, and Activision's shooter provides reliable fun. But now that Battlefield 4's servers work right, it's undoubtedly the way to go for raucous and almost unbelievably massive online multiplayer shootouts.

Whether stalking foes on-foot or guiding a fighter jet through the unfriendly skies, every showdown is unpredictable and undeniably fun. It's a blast.

Best for… large-scale soldier showdowns

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Dead Rising 3

Dead Rising 3

Dead Rising 3

Dead Rising 3 takes the series’ The-A-Team-meets-Day-Of-The-Dead appeal to new heights. It has three times the number of zombies we saw in Dead Rising 2, a open-world version of Los Angeles and even more wacky undead-mincing gadgets to build then ever before.

From mowing down zombies in a spike-covered forklift truck to blasting them with a gun that fires sex toys, Dead Rising 3 is silly but mightily entertaining all the same.

Best for... laughs and photo-realistic gore

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