Fay Hokulani: 6 must-have gadgets for marathon runners

3. FuelBelt R30 Revenge Hydration Belt

The longer your run, the more likely you’ll need to hydrate on-the-run. This light-weight hydration belt sits comfortably around your hips and makes it super convenient to carry your fluids and some personal items such as your keys, ID, a little cash and a gelpack. A velcro closure makes it a snap to take on and off and once in place, it doesn’t annoyingly move around while you’re on the go.

Price: US$48 ($60)

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4. RunKeeper App

After deleting dozens of fitness apps because they were over complicated, cluttered or required too much effort to use effectively, I’ve finally found one that sets a higher standard of convenience. An interesting feature of this GPS running tracker is the use of Google Maps' Elevation API. It displays an elevation view of your run, overlaid with your pace or speed to help you understand how your running is affected by uphill and downhill stretches.

Price: Free

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