Fantasy Fails: 5 of the worst Final Fantasy games you shouldn't play

4. Final Fantasy XIII

Oh my Final Fantasy XIII. Where should we start? You know the game had some pretty good starts. It was to be the flagship title of a new and improved console, the PS3. And it promised next gen graphics that would have blown our minds. The problem was, it took too damn long to create only to underwhelm and dissappoint us.

Let’s start with gameplay. Why oh why Square Enix, did you make us fans go through 30-hours of handholding combat tutorials and straight-line corridor-walking ? If we wanted that, we’d have replayed the tutorial section of Call of Duty over and over again.

And the story! With any Final Fantasy game, the story is a key element that makes the game enjoyable but in the case of Final Fantasy XIII, the plot was so convoluted, we’d need a wiki of it next to us to keep track. Let’s not get started with the annoying characters in the game.

While the last few parts of the game got better, it’s still a trying experience to put up with 30 hours of non-stop linearity, annoying characters and a convoluted plot. It’s the most divisive entry with good reason; it learns nothing from past games and focuses on improving the wrong elements.

And if that wasn’t enough, they had to make not one, but two sequels to it! Really Square Enix, you could have chosen to move on instead of milking this particular dead cow. 

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