Fantasy Fails: 5 of the worst Final Fantasy games you shouldn't play

1. Final Fantasy: All The Bravest

The worst kind of nostalgia pandering is the one that charges you consistently for it. Final Fantasy: All The Bravest initially seems like a curious screen-tapping app where you fight waves after waves of bosses. But to even make any sort of progress beyond the first few fights, you need to pay for a multitude of micro transactions.

Potions to heal your characters, extra turns, extra characters from past Final Fantasies that can turn the tide of battle; all of these elements that are obviously part of the game's design require in-app purchases. We're talking lots of purchases if you’re planning on going through this in the long run. It’s free-to-play mechanics at its lowest and dirtiest. Did we forget to mention that purchasing characters are randomized? You might want a 16-bit version of Cloud and Squall, but you might end up with Shantoto or an Onion Knight.

If Square Enix had any respect for its audience, it might as well be honest and call it “Final Fantasy: All Your Monies Are Belong To Us”. Tarnishing our memories of a long-standing RPG with iOS “games” like this is not the way to go to gain your respect back from your fans, Square Enix. 

So that rounds ups our list of the worst Final Fantasy games ever. Do you agree with us? If not feel free to rant it out and give us your list.

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