The Final Fantasy XIII series finally ends with its last game

So what’s so different about this much criticised gameplay system?

Compared to Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIII-2, the battles are speedier than before. We wanted the gameplay for this entry to bring out Lightning's style of fighting and spell-casting. The Schema system adds even more flexibility that reflects the character’s one-person army motif. After all she is a herald to a god.

The Final Fantasy series in general has been popular outside Japan, which means localisation opportunities. What’s the biggest challenge there?

Getting the nuances in the story right; that’s hard to do. In RPGs, story and narrative is really important so that the context and tones come across universally. We’ve worked with many, many partners around the world like Sony Computer Entertainment Asia. At least with many partners, the time for localisation is minimised compared to the past.

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Well we can’t believe it, but it’s finally over. Or is it really?

Yes, Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns is the bookend to that saga. However, Lightning is a popular character so there’s a chance she will show up in future titles as a cameo or side character.

Can we expect Lightning to get the movie treatment ala Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children?

Not at this moment, but there may be a possibility if her popularity skyrockets worldwide. 

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