10 weird and wonderful things to look forward to in The Sims 4

New ways of dying, fresh career options and a magic tree are just a few of your soon to be favourite Sim things

There are a lot of new features and interactions to be explored and unlocked in the latest version of the game. Here are just a few we got EA to spill. 

As for the rest? You'll just have to wait till we go full-on review mode with the game or find out for yourself when it's available from 2 September. In the meantime, see what sort of crazy shenigans the Sims are up to in their latest adventure.

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Birthing process

When a Sim gets pregnant, she can actually take a pregnancy test now. And when she actually gives birth, she can breastfeed the child as well. As usual, babies are the one age group that do not die. But if you were to neglect it, Social Services will take it away. You've been warned.

Buzz Lightyear

One of the new careers this time around includes becoming a moonman, because who doesn’t want to be an astronaut at some point in their lives? If you choose that career path, you will actually have the ability to build your own rocketship and eventually blast off from your own backyard into space. Because crew safety guidelines.

Speaking of rocketships

Two Sims can get down and dirty in the rocketship, or in Sims terms, woohoo. And another Sim can actually watch it all go down via a computer as the rocketship is linked for live streaming of launches. Don’t worry, The Sims didn’t get perverse, the voyeur’s mood doesn’t fluctuate in any way. Yes, we asked.

Work the wood

Woodworking, formerly only found in an expansion pack, now resides in the base game. As you get better at handiness, not only can you carve decorative sculptures using your woodworking bench, you can actually make usable furniture for your home as well. Money saved.

Pen pal

Your Sim can start sending messages to a pen pal on the computer in game. And as he connects with these other Sims from other worlds and become better friends with them, they will start sending your Sim postcards from their words that he can hang up on his wall.

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Build me up, buttercup

Roofs for one have a whole lot more customisation than what was possible previously so you can start to drag up the height of roofs, add curves, and even adjust the eaves on roofs so you can make things like pagoda roofs in the base game now, without having to wait for a location-specific expansion pack. 

Magic tree

A magical tree with glowing moss exists. Your Sim can start taking care of it by watering it and talking to it. Eventually, he will be able to step through a portal in the tree and appear in this magical forest glade on the other side where there are tons of collectibles, lots of unique plants to discover, and different fish you can catch.

You just have to locate the magical tree first. 

It's in them genes

You can take a single Sim and generate genetics in either direction. Make a son or daughter, dad or mum, a sister or brother. Alternatively, you can take two Sims and from them create a child. And yes, you can create a child from a same-gender couple too.

Too many feels

There are new ways to die. And one of them is via extreme emotions. You can die from being too angry, or even on the other end of the emotion spectrum, from laughing too much. So feel free to push your Sims to the extreme.

Anger is healthy

If your Sim is feeling pissed, it means they’re pumped up a little more and the adrenaline’s flowing. In real life, we'd just sulk, but in The Sims, they channel emotions in more constructive ways. So when you send them to the gym while they’re feeling angry, they actually have a better workout as they’re working harder.

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